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IT operations analytics (ITOA)

IT operations analytics (ITOA) is the practice of monitoring systems and gathering, processing and interpreting data from various operations sources to guide decisions and predict potential issues. Read Full Definition

dark data

Dark data is digital information that is not being used. Consulting and market research company Gartner Inc. describes dark data as "information assets that an organization collects, processes and stores in the ... Read Full Definition

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big data management

Big data management is the organization, administration and governance of large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. Read Full Definition

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Google Bigtable

Google Bigtable is a distributed, column-oriented data store created by Google Inc. to handle very large amounts of structured data associated with the company's Internet search and Web services operations. Read Full Definition

ensemble modeling

Ensemble modeling is the process of running two or more related but different analytical models and then synthesizing the results into a single score or spread in order to improve the accuracy of predictive ... Read Full Definition

Datera Inc.

Datera created Elastic Data Fabric, a block storage platform aimed at cloud service providers and enterprises that want to build a private cloud on premises. Read Full Definition

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data janitor (data wrangler)

A data janitor is an IT employee that cleans up big data sources to prepare them for data analysts and data scientists. Read Full Definition

data management platform (DMP)

A data management platform (DMP), also referred to as a unified data management platform (UDMP), is a centralized system for collecting and analyzing large sets of data originating from disparate sources. Read Full Definition

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Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system that receives data from disparate source systems and makes the data available to target systems in real time. Kafka is written in Scala and Java and ... Read Full Definition

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A petabyte is a measure of memory or data storage capacity that is equal to 2 to the 50th power of bytes. Read Full Definition

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