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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

What are ‘mature’ stateful applications?

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Jul 2018

BlueK8s is a new open source Kubernetes initiative from ‘big data workloads’ company BlueData -- the project’s direction leads us to learn a little about which direction containerised cloud-centric ... Read More

The business case for integrating Hadoop with SAP HANA

04 Jun 2014

Adobe tracks everything its users do and dumps the data into Hadoop. How did the company make the business case for integration with SAP HANA? Read More

Western Union connects the dots to enable enterprise Hadoop use

By Jack Vaughan 20 Feb 2015

Building and running enterprise Hadoop applications takes more than data crunching. First, Hadoop data must be absorbed into company processes, a Western Union IT manager says. Read More

EMC Isilon dives deeper into analytics, Hadoop, data lakes

By Dave Raffo 19 Feb 2015

EMC added a NAS array that can scale to 50 PB and upgraded its operating system to support the latest version of HDFS, plus OpenStack Swift. Read More

CIO interview: Barry Libenson, global CIO, Experian

By Mark Samuels 14 Nov 2018

Experian’s global CIO has worked to change the company’s IT set-up from a “free for all”, taking a standardised approach to development, infrastructure and platforms Read More

Wi-Fi provider uses big data analytics to drive customer experience

By Alex Scroxton 07 Mar 2018

The self-styled “Uber of Wi-Fi”, iPass is using Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform and machine learning to monitor its worldwide network and help its customers get the best experience Read More

Hadoop security: Don't build your data lake without it

By Nicole Laskowski 16 Feb 2015

Why security for Hadoop is different from traditional data management tools, a list of open source Hadoop security projects in the works, and CIO budget expectations for 2015: The Data Mill reports. Read More

Initiative targets Hadoop data management, better data policies

By Jack Vaughan 30 Jan 2015

Hortonworks forms a data management initiative with Merck and others. Meanwhile, SQL and NoSQL may blur a bit. Read More

Can I run Hadoop analytics without using HDFS?

By George Crump 29 Jan 2015

According to analyst George Crump, you might want to think about going with a non-traditional Hadoop architecture. Read More

Storage considerations for a Hadoop implementation

09 May 2013

Storage Switzerland analyst Colm Keegan explains how to determine whether a SAN or NAS should be used as primary storage with Hadoop. Read More