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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

CIOs: Hadoop ecosystem cries out for security and governance

By Nicole Laskowski 21 Jul 2014

The Hadoop ecosystem is bristling with new developments, but security and governance are lacking, warn Gartner analysts Merv Adrian and Nick Heudecker. Plus notes on Apache Giraph, HaaS and the Hadoop appliance -- ... Read More

CV keyword bingo: HTML5, Hadoop & MongoDB

By Adrian Bridgwater 03 Sep 2013

Job search website indeed.com has compiled a job trends report with a supporting graphical analysis to detail to the top keywords that employers look for Read More

Enterprise Hadoop promises to bring big changes

By Jack Vaughan 17 Jul 2014

Long-time IT watcher Tom Davenport sees potential in the latest big data go-around, with enterprise Hadoop part of the mix. Read More

Tunneling to perfection: Apache Hadoop's MapReduce evolves

By Nicole Laskowski 14 Jul 2014

First comes MapReduce and then comes what? Big data luminaries gather to discuss, and The Data Mill reports. Read More

Hadoop fuels TrueCar's data-driven business model

By Jack Vaughan 21 Nov 2014

Piles of "messy" data meet inexpensive storage as e-commerce website TrueCar builds a data-driven business with the help of a Hadoop cluster and data analytics tools. Read More

Comparethemarket uses Cloudera to gain single view of customer data

By Brian McKenna 20 Jul 2015

Price comparison site Comparethemarket has turned to Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution to get a better view of customer data from different channels. Doug Cutting, the father of Hadoop, explains Read More

Identify the best Elastic MapReduce framework for Hadoop

By Dan Sullivan 19 Jun 2014

Busy developers don't want to spend more time writing code than necessary. These three Python MapReduce frameworks fit the bill for EMR jobs. Read More

Apache Hadoop FAQ for BI professionals

28 Sep 2012

Want to explore how Apache Hadoop can aid your BI / DW efforts? Get the most common questions about Hadoop answered in this tutorial. Read More

SAP HANA Hadoop enhancements called major step toward IoT

By Jim O'Donnell 26 Jun 2015

SAP HANA’s new Service Pack 10 release is geared to big data and remote synching across the enterprise with improved SAP HANA Hadoop integration. Read More

What are ‘mature’ stateful applications?

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Jul 2018

BlueK8s is a new open source Kubernetes initiative from ‘big data workloads’ company BlueData -- the project’s direction leads us to learn a little about which direction containerised cloud-centric ... Read More