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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

When building Hadoop data lakes, don't plunge in without a plan

By Corlyn Voorhees 20 May 2015

A data lake may seem like a clear choice -- deposit all your data in a Hadoop repository for analytics uses -- but navigating those IT waters isn't so simple, consultant Wayne Eckerson says. Read More

SQL Server, Hadoop both part of Analytics Platform System

By Basit Farooq 20 May 2015

A need for data warehouses designed for large-volume data loading and complex analytical workloads led to Microsoft's Analytics Platform System. Read More

Spark vs. Hadoop: Is big data engine a replacement part?

By Jack Vaughan 18 Dec 2015

How the relationship between Spark and Hadoop will play out is an open question. We asked IT pros whether they see Spark more as a Hadoop companion or competitor. Read More

HP Vertica users put limits on using Hadoop for analytics

By Ed Burns 31 Aug 2015

Hadoop is one of the most popular big data technologies. But when it comes to predictive modeling and data visualization, its utility is somewhat limited, users of HP's Vertica system say. Read More

Hadoop and Spark are coming of age together

By Jack Vaughan 24 Dec 2014

Hadoop and Spark are open source big data management technologies that both found interest at this year's Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York, as reported in this Talking Data podcast. Read More

Big data containers gain wider appeal in system deployments

By Craig Stedman 02 Jul 2019

This handbook examines the use of Docker containers in Kubernetes clusters to run big data systems and offers insight on container deployment and management issues. Read More

Big data storage: Hadoop storage basics

By Chris Evans 21 Oct 2013

Hadoop changes the game for enterprise storage. We look at how Hadoop crunches big data, its key storage requirements and survey the vendors Read More

DataTorrent data ingestion tool aims to speed Hadoop feeds

By Jack Vaughan 14 Aug 2015

A new data ingestion and extraction tool supporting the Hadoop Distributed File System is at the heart of startup vendor DataTorrent's efforts to broaden its big data analytics engine's appeal. Read More

So, how do you eat a Hadoop Elephant?

By Barry Devlin 10 Jul 2014

With MapR’s recent announcement of $110 million in funding, following on from Hortonwork’s $100 million and Cloudera’s $900 million, both in March, debate is rife about their different approaches ... Read More

Riding the elephant: how to manage big data

21 Feb 2017

Among all the talk in recent years about what big data is, and what organisations could do with it, there has been a bit missing about how to manage big data programmes and projects, which is a prerequisite of ... Read More