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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

In-memory computing solves real-time analytics challenges

By Nikita Ivanov 28 Jun 2019

Waves of data can make real-time analysis difficult, but in-memory computing, explains GridGain Systems' Nikita Ivanov, can drive business processes with real-time insights into live and historical ... Read More

Don't throw out design principles when jumping in Hadoop data lake

By Jack Vaughan 13 Aug 2015

In a Q&A, data warehousing expert Joe Caserta explains why a new generation of developers building Hadoop clusters and other big data systems may need an introduction to some fundamental rules of ETL. Read More

Hadoop 2 query: Less talk, more action with new Hadoop version?

By Craig Stedman 13 Mar 2014

For all the hype about Hadoop, adoption remains relatively low. But the Hadoop 2 release could give prospective users more reasons to move forward. Read More

Take measured steps to build a Hadoop cluster architecture

By Jack Vaughan 07 Aug 2015

RelayHealth's Raheem Daya described the path he took to deploy and expand a Hadoop cluster for distributed data processing during a presentation at the 2015 TDWI conference in Boston. Read More

Seven steps to a successful data lake implementation

By David Loshin 15 Feb 2018

Flooding a Hadoop cluster with data that isn't organized and managed properly can stymie analytics efforts. Take these steps to help make your data lake accessible and usable. Read More

Hadoop Summit 2013: Where is Apache Hadoop heading?

By Emma Preslar 25 Jul 2013

In a podcast, SearchDataManagement News Editor Jack Vaughan shares his thoughts and observations on Hadoop developments from the Hadoop Summit. Read More

Cloud and big data don't necessarily mean Hadoop

By Tom Nolle 18 Mar 2015

The cloud and big data don't always mean Hadoop. Careful study is required before choosing the right technology, says consultant Tom Nolle. Read More

Dell links with Syncsort to tune Cloudera Hadoop for offloaded ETL

By Jack Vaughan 27 Oct 2015

Dell and others have a new ETL reference architecture. Its purpose is to ease migrations to Cloudera Hadoop. Also: Dell buys EMC; Syncsort is acquired. Read More

Convergence of Data Virtualization Servers and SQL-on-Hadoop Engines?

By Rick van der Lans 02 Jul 2015

Hadoop has become a popular and powerful platform for data storage and data processing. Data stored in Hadoop can be used by a wide range of applications and tools and for a wide range of use ... Read More

Make the right choice between Hadoop clusters and a data warehouse

By David Loshin 30 Jun 2015

Consultant David Loshin outlines a process for comparing specific criteria and variables to help guide decisions on deploying Hadoop or using an enterprise data warehouse. Read More