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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

AtScale Benchmarks Three SQL-on-Hadoop Engines

By Rick van der Lans 24 Feb 2016

Numerous SQL-on-Hadoop engines are available for accessing data stored in HDFS using the familiar SQL language. They all look promising, they all support a rich SQL dialect, but which ones is the ... Read More

Top 10 information management stories of 2018

By Brian McKenna 27 Dec 2018

Ethics was the leading theme of data analytics in 2018, especially allied with AI. The Cambridge Analytica controversy represented that, and the idea that the UK could specialise in AI ethics emerged Read More

HPE adapts Vertica analytical database to world with Hadoop, Spark

By Jack Vaughan 31 Aug 2016

Vertica 8.0 expands the analytical database's support for Kafka, Spark and Hadoop. That's an important step, as the Hewlett Packard Enterprise technology tries to compete in a field of diverse data tools. Read More

Sentiment analysis with Hadoop: 5 steps towards becoming a mind reader

By Brian McKenna 11 Dec 2015

This is a guest blogpost by Andy Leaver, vice president of international operations, Hortonworks Mass advertising and campaign marketing are like the dodgy lettuce found somewhere at the back of ... Read More

Google: native C in Hadoop with MapReduce for C

By Adrian Bridgwater 02 Mar 2015

Google puts native C in Hadoop with MapReduce for C Read More

Open Energi switches on Hadoop data storage to expand footprint

By Brian McKenna 03 Sep 2015

Electricity market company Open Energi is using Hortonworks Hadoop for data storage and analysis to move its business on Read More

Geospatial data is on the map for Hadoop, Spark

By Jack Vaughan 27 Jan 2016

Software architect Mansour Raad is at the center of activity as geospatial data melds with Hadoop -- and soon, Spark. Read More

Using Sqoop to ploop to Hadoop

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Jun 2014

Getting data from enterprise data warehouses and legacy systems (including mainframes) into Hadoop is clearly a key implementation today for big data ETL jobs. Read More

Hadoop architectures propel wider move to data-driven analytics

By Craig Stedman 05 Aug 2016

With Hadoop reaching several 10-year milestones, proponents laud the big data framework for making organizations more data-driven. And there's some merit in what they're saying. Read More