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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

How do Hadoop coding errors disrupt big data processing?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 31 Jan 2017

Hadoop coding oversights can wreak havoc on big data projects. What Hadoop limitations should we be wary of with data input and output? Read More

Munich Re puts data analytics into services for a ‘riskier world’

By Brian McKenna 18 Aug 2017

Re-insurer combines a Hadoop data lake, SAS analytics and SAP Hana to create new cyber and other insurance services Read More

Potential pitfalls with Hadoop data analytics

By John Webster 27 Apr 2016

Before deciding on Hadoop to tackle your organizations' big data analysis needs, review these points of concern, including data sources and sustainability. Read More

Top 10 information management stories of 2018

By Brian McKenna 27 Dec 2018

Ethics was the leading theme of data analytics in 2018, especially allied with AI. The Cambridge Analytica controversy represented that, and the idea that the UK could specialise in AI ethics emerged Read More

SAP Vora updates target business insights from Hadoop big data

By Jim O'Donnell 20 Mar 2017

SAP Vora has been updated to include features that make it easier to deploy and use to get insights from Hadoop big data; SAP IBP brings intelligence to the supply chain. Read More

Use OpenStack Sahara to build out Hadoop and Spark systems

By Walker Rowe 12 Oct 2016

OpenStack Sahara is a command-line tool that makes installing and deploying Hadoop and Spark easier by streamlining the process and keeping track of complex details. Read More

Imanis Data improves ransomware detection

By Johnny Yu 09 Jul 2018

Imanis improves its machine learning-powered ransomware detection, introduces disaster recovery for Hadoop and unveils its new Recovery Sandbox feature. Read More

How to find a much sought-after data scientist

By Cliff Saran 01 Apr 2019

Every organisation seems to be hunting for a data scientist, but securing the right people with the right skills is a challenge Read More

Commercial Hadoop distributors bring HDFS improvements

By John Webster 31 May 2016

These three commercial distributions of Hadoop are alternative options for big data storage that can bypass data protection and performance problems common with HDFS. Read More

Big data pipeline drives change in Hadoop architecture, development

By Jack Vaughan 16 Nov 2016

A move to fast data analytics and real-time processing could bring change to the big data pipeline. Microservices are edging into a mostly monolithic Hadoop domain. Read More