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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Why Spark DataFrame, lazy evaluation models outpace MapReduce

By David Loshin 05 Jun 2018

Learn how the Spark DataFrame execution plan works and why its lazy evaluation model helps the processing engine to avoid the performance issues inherent in Hadoop MapReduce. Read More

Investigating Hadoop distributions: Which is right for you?

19 May 2016

With several vendor Hadoop distributions available, it's difficult to know which to select. This buyer's guide helps you choose the one that best meets your needs. Read More

SQL-on-Hadoop tools help users navigate enterprise Hadoop course

By Jack Vaughan 31 Jul 2015

Hadoop may be a technology in waiting, unless SQL-on-Hadoop tools turn it into an enterprise mainstay. Read More

Cloud and streaming technologies for Hadoop: Part boon, part muddle

By Jack Vaughan 25 Oct 2016

The Hadoop ecosystem is both a horn of plenty and a grab bag of data technology. This podcast sorts through some recent news of streaming technologies and Hadoop in the cloud. Read More

Four factors for comparing the top Hadoop distributions

By David Loshin 03 May 2016

By examining the key characteristics presented here -- along with the top Hadoop distributions -- you can determine which subscription is right for your organization. Read More

DataWorks 17: Hortonworks promotes maturity of HDP upgrade

By Brian McKenna 04 Apr 2017

Hadoop distributor leads on an upgrade to its Hortonworks Data Platform at the DataWorks 2017 Summit in Munich Read More

Spark user survey suggests growth beyond Hadoop

By Brian McKenna 28 Sep 2015

Spark seems to be growing beyond Hadoop, as standalone instances outnumber Spark on Yarn on HDFS Read More

Inside the Hortonworks open enterprise Hadoop distribution

By Abie Reifer 18 Apr 2016

The Hortonworks Data Platform consists entirely of projects built through the Apache Software Foundation and provides an open source environment for data collection, processing and analysis. Read More

Mobile advertising network Billy Mobile bets the farm on Hadoop

By Brian McKenna 14 Dec 2015

Barcelona-based mobile advertising network Billy Mobile has opted to bet its business on the Hadoop stack with Hortonworks Read More

Hortonworks CTO weighs in on Cloudera merger

By Aaron Tan 16 Oct 2018

Besides marrying technologies from Hortonworks and Cloudera, the two companies could also come up with new product components after their merger is sealed Read More