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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

When SDN meets Hadoop big data analysis, things get dynamic

30 Apr 2014

SDN can provide the network orchestration necessary to bring dynamic Hadoop big data analysis to life today. Read More

Enterprise Hadoop will need to work with existing processes

11 Jul 2013

A panel of enterprise users at the Hadoop Summit 2013 offered guidance for moving from experiments to real business operations with Hadoop systems. Read More

Hadoop cluster implementations take IT teams into uncharted waters

By Jack Vaughan 09 Dec 2013

Hadoop confronts deployment teams with unfamiliar challenges, particularly with knowledge of its inner workings still elusive in many organizations. Read More

Apache YARN helps to knit more mature Hadoop offering

By Nicole Laskowski 08 Jul 2013

Apache YARN spun a tale of its own at Hortonworks' Hadoop Summit, but it wasn't the only big data announcement. The Data Mill reports. Read More

Microservices and big data start to get closer

By Jack Vaughan 13 Jun 2019

Microservices are riding a wave of user interest, leading to changes in IT operations. ThoughtWorks expert Zhamak Dehghani discusses what that means for big data. Read More

The realities of enterprise data lakes: The hype is over

By Joy King 16 May 2019

For the last decade, we have seen an interest expand to an obsession: grab the data, store the data, keep the data. The software industry saw an opportunity to capitalize on this obsession, leading ... Read More

Hadoop clusters: Benefits and challenges for big data analytics

By Brien Posey 21 Jun 2013

Brien Posey explains how Hadoop clusters can be extremely beneficial to large amounts of unstructured data, but aren't ideal for all environments. Read More

How data staging helped Walgreens transform its supply chain

By George Lawton 04 Apr 2019

Walgreens built a centralized data warehouse to give supply chain partners a better view into its data -- but analytics were slow. That's where a data staging tier came in. Read More

Enterprise data lake deepens big data management challenges

By Tréa Lavery 21 Mar 2017

Distributed data lakes with Hadoop clusters and other systems create new data management and governance needs that are hard to meet with existing tools, says IT analyst Mike Ferguson. Read More