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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Big data, fast: Avoiding Hadoop performance bottlenecks

By Jack Vaughan 27 Sep 2013

A variety of performance issues can bog down Hadoop clusters. But there are ways to sidestep the pitfalls and keep your big data environment humming. Read More

Uses for Hadoop: Exploring the storage, appliance and analytics options

By Sarah Wilson 23 Sep 2013

Analyst John Webster describes how data can best be stored with Hadoop and what it will take to drive wider adoption. Read More

Reiner Kappenberger

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Reiner Kappenberger is Global Product Manager (Big Data/Hadoop), HPE Security - Data Security at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.Read More

Pepperdata calls on Dr. Elephant for big data application profiling

By Jack Vaughan 08 Mar 2017

Application profiling software from Pepperdata is built on LinkedIn's Dr. Elephant open source entry. A primary goal is to get more Hadoop and Spark applications into production. Read More

Lucene search meets Hadoop: Surfacing the 'unknown unknowns'

By Jack Vaughan 20 Sep 2013

Software vendors increasingly are pairing up Hadoop systems and Lucene search technology as users seek better data searchability to aid in the big data analytics process. Read More

White: Mind the hype in evaluating and choosing Hadoop technology

18 Sep 2013

In a video Q&A, consultant Colin White outlines his thoughts on the maturity of Hadoop software and what to consider when choosing a Hadoop platform. Read More

How essential is a Hadoop infrastructure to a big data environment?

By Jon Toigo 06 Sep 2013

Expert Jon Toigo explains why Hadoop and big data are frequently used together, but argues that Hadoop has a number of downfalls. Read More

Storm-on-YARN points to a growing dichotomy on Hadoop applications

05 Sep 2013

Yahoo's Storm-on-YARN is an interesting technology. But it highlights the gap between enterprise Hadoop needs and those of top-rung Web companies. Read More

SAP HANA uses converge on analytics, transactions and apps

By Linda Rosencrance 12 Apr 2019

Many users, like clinical software maker HarrisLogic, combine all three HANA strengths in technology 'engines' for streamlined workflow, decision support and data integration. Read More

Microsoft, OpenStack compete with Amazon EMR in Hadoop as a Service space

By Dan Sullivan 10 Jan 2014

Hadoop remains an effective data analysis tool, but also comes with a bit of overhead. Here are the Hadoop as a Service tools available to you. Read More