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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Silicon Valley startups home in on pressing value from data

By Brian McKenna 16 Mar 2018

A slew of California-based startup and early-stage data analytics companies are promising CIOs better ways to get value from their investments in databases and analytics Read More

Data-sharing and cloud: A big data match made in heaven

By Caroline Donnelly 19 Mar 2018

In this guest post, Thibaut Ceyrolle, vice president for Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) at data warehousing startup Snowflake Computing, makes the business case for using cloud to boost ... Read More

Selecting the right SQL-on-Hadoop engine to access big data

By Rick van der Lans 31 Mar 2014

Rick van der Lans explains why it's important to evaluate the differences in the technologies that make it possible to access Hadoop data using SQL. Read More

Microservices and big data start to get closer

By Jack Vaughan 13 Jun 2019

Microservices are riding a wave of user interest, leading to changes in IT operations. ThoughtWorks expert Zhamak Dehghani discusses what that means for big data. Read More

Data management trends for 2019: Governance, DataOps, cloud

By Jack Vaughan 28 Dec 2018

Better data governance, increased cloud use and wider DataOps adoption head the list of trends for data management teams to plan for in 2019, IT analysts say. Read More

New tools target SQL on Hadoop, hybrid data processing, cloud apps

By Jack Vaughan 24 Nov 2014

Data management product announcements by HP, SAP and NuoDB show greater support for SQL on Hadoop analytics, enhanced cloud deployment and mixed processing workloads. Read More

What to expect when using HDFS in Hadoop architecture

By John Webster 09 Nov 2012

Analyst John Webster details issues with Hadoop architecture and what users can expect from Hadoop Version 2.0. Read More

Implementing Hadoop for reasons other than big data

By John Webster 08 Nov 2012

There are multiple ways an organization can benefit from implementing Hadoop, according to analyst John Webster. Read More

Oracle Big Data SQL brings together SQL, Hadoop, NoSQL

By Jessica Sirkin 30 Jul 2014

The new option for the Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Big Data SQL, can simultaneously query Hadoop, NoSQL and SQL data and extend Oracle's management and security tools to all of them. Read More

In IoT, Data matters more than Things – and here's why

By Jason Stamper 22 Jan 2018

IoT Back to Basics, chapter 1: The Internet of Things (IoT) is placing unprecedented demands on data storage, networking, processing and analytics. For end users, vendors and investors, it ... Read More