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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Exploring the Actian Analytics Platform appliance

By Craig S. Mullins 09 Feb 2016

With the Actian Analytics Platform data warehouse appliance, both Hadoop and non-Hadoop clients can use their existing SQL applications and investments on new data sources. Read More

Microservices and big data start to get closer

By Jack Vaughan 13 Jun 2019

Microservices are riding a wave of user interest, leading to changes in IT operations. ThoughtWorks expert Zhamak Dehghani discusses what that means for big data. Read More

Silicon Valley startups home in on pressing value from data

By Brian McKenna 16 Mar 2018

A slew of California-based startup and early-stage data analytics companies are promising CIOs better ways to get value from their investments in databases and analytics Read More

Matchett: EMC Hadoop Distributed File System offerings 'intriguing'

07 May 2014

Taneja Group senior analyst Mike Matchett discusses EMC's Hadoop Distributed File System offerings, including ViPR 2.0 and Elastic Cloud Storage. Read More

Data-sharing and cloud: A big data match made in heaven

By Caroline Donnelly 19 Mar 2018

In this guest post, Thibaut Ceyrolle, vice president for Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) at data warehousing startup Snowflake Computing, makes the business case for using cloud to boost ... Read More

Hadoop still too slow for real-time analysis applications?

By Ed Burns 11 Dec 2013

Hadoop vendors are trying to position the distributed processing technology as a real-time analytics tool. But some real-time roadblocks remain. Read More

Data management trends for 2019: Governance, DataOps, cloud

By Jack Vaughan 28 Dec 2018

Better data governance, increased cloud use and wider DataOps adoption head the list of trends for data management teams to plan for in 2019, IT analysts say. Read More

Hadoop silos need integration, manage all data as asset, say experts

By Brian McKenna 15 Feb 2013

Big data hype causes disorders in organisations, including Hadoop silos, exaggerated importance of data scientists and too much experimentation Read More

The realities of enterprise data lakes: The hype is over

By Joy King 16 May 2019

For the last decade, we have seen an interest expand to an obsession: grab the data, store the data, keep the data. The software industry saw an opportunity to capitalize on this obsession, leading ... Read More

Alternatives to DAS in Hadoop storage

18 May 2012

Hadoop storage systems traditionally call for the strict use of embedded DAS for hardware-based storage within the Hadoop MapReduce framework. But alternatives exist. Read More