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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

King.com gaming site unlocks big data with Hadoop

By Brian McKenna 09 Jan 2013

Online gaming company King.com replaced its MySQL database with Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution to cope with big data Read More

Hadoop 2, YARN set to shake up data management and analytics

By Wayne Eckerson 10 Jul 2014

Consultant Wayne Eckerson says Hadoop 2, with its key YARN component, qualifies as a flexible big data operating system. And it could quickly take the open source framework into the IT mainstream, he predicts. Read More

SAP becomes Intel, Hortonworks Hadoop reseller

By Alex Scroxton 13 Sep 2013

SAP signs redistribution agreement to provide Intel Distributuion Apache Hadoop and Hortonworks Data Platform alongside SAP HANA in big data drive Read More

EMC upgrades Isilon NAS for file storage, Hadoop analytics

By Dave Raffo 08 Jul 2014

EMC spins out two new Isilon NAS models, including one for Hadoop analytics, and adds flash read cache. Read More

Managing Hadoop projects: What you need to know to succeed

11 Feb 2014

This guide offers expert insights into the Hadoop framework, looking at what Hadoop can and can't do as a tool for big data management and analytics. Read More

Confronting MapReduce, Hadoop problems and complexities

By Jack Vaughan 01 Mar 2013

The challenges of using Hadoop and its MapReduce programming model confront big data users. But taking some good first steps can help avoid problems. Read More

RainStor tailors its compression for big data archiving on Hadoop

By Garry Kranz 26 Jun 2014

RainStor 6 includes Archive Application for Hadoop intended to reduce footprint and speed performance of Hadoop clusters. Read More

Adobe picks SAP Data Services over Sqoop for Hadoop data

By Mark Fontecchio 25 Jun 2014

When Adobe was wrestling with loading Hadoop data into SAP HANA, it considered SAP Data Services as well as Sqoop, an open source tool built to transfer data between Hadoop and relational databases. See why Adobe ... Read More

Hadoop data lakes must get more efficient, less 'messy' to oust EDWs

By Jack Vaughan 17 Feb 2015

In a Q&A, Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri said Hadoop-based data lakes can become an alternative to enterprise data warehouses. But first, faster I/O and better data governance are needed. Read More

Chicken & waffles for data scientists, hello DataOps

By Adrian Bridgwater 15 Jan 2018

It had to happen. DevOps consolidated the developer and operations functions into one ‘workplace culture’ and so came together the previously separately plated chicken & waffles of the software ... Read More