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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Hadoop's run into enterprise cloud

29 Jun 2011

Free enterprise cloud software from Hadoop is causing a lot of buzz in the market, and the economics of the public cloud are leading customers to more mid-sized cloud providers. Read More

Hadoop 2 opens new vistas beyond current UK data management practice

By Jessica Twentyman 27 Feb 2014

Hadoop 2 enables a greater range of data-crunching tasks, beyond Hadoop’s previous scope of batch processing, directly within the stack itself Read More

Digital transformation is just business change

By Ed Tucker 26 Jun 2018

Don't always start with the technology if you're driving transformation, but always start with the business Read More

Hadoop role eyed in mainframe modernization -- and migration

By Jack Vaughan 08 Nov 2013

Hadoop clusters threaten the data warehousing status quo. Signs show that they may also bring a new twist to mainframe modernization and migration. Read More

Dell updates OpenStack cloud and Hadoop service as buyout vote delayed

24 Jul 2013

Michael Dell submits revised a buyout proposal – delaying a vote until next week – but it was business as usual in the cloud division Read More

Currency of data separates leaders from laggards

By Cliff Saran 30 Apr 2018

With customer data growing in ever-evolving volumes, we look at how companies are using data analytics to stay in control Read More

Can Hadoop become an 'enterprise data hub?'

By Nicole Laskowski 06 Nov 2013

Vendors are still plunking down big bets on Hadoop. Last week, Cloudera Inc., the first-ever Hadoop distributor, rolled out the beta release of Cloudera Enterprise 5. It's the latest version of the ... Read More

A user's view on using Hadoop technology: Find a use case

05 Aug 2014

Ryan Fenner, an enterprise data solutions architect at MUFG Union Bank, speaks about when it makes sense to deploy Hadoop software -- and when it doesn't. Read More

Originators form group to boost Presto SQL query engine

By Jack Vaughan 14 Feb 2019

The Presto engine arose as an alternative to Hive for big data queries. Now, the Presto Software Foundation has formed to promote the SQL query software's virtues. Read More

Can Hadoop tools ease the brain pain?

By Rohit Chatter 09 May 2012

Hadoop tools vendors stress that they can help you to make your data and reporting issues vanish. Know how true this claim is. Read More