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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Argos announces 150 new tech roles in the UK

By Karl Flinders 26 Apr 2018

Argos is recruiting an extra 150 IT professionals as part of its strategy to offer a better digital services to customers Read More

Demand for big data contractors sees 128% year-on-year increase

By Clare McDonald 09 May 2018

The number of job vacancies for people with big data skills has increased in the past year, with the demand for contractors in this area skyrocketing Read More

Hadoop clusters provide single spot for spreadmarts, analytics

By Wayne Eckerson 29 Aug 2014

Consultant Wayne Eckerson says Hadoop offers a platform for reining in the spreadmarts set up by individual data analysts and business users, while still giving them a place to do self-service analytics. Read More

IT Project: Business intelligence in the world of big data

04 Nov 2016

Old-school business intelligence (BI), although still important, is no longer at the cutting edge of modern IT projects. However, as the TechTarget 2016 spending survey shows, business intelligence is very much a ... Read More

Hadoop users see bumps in the open source road

By Paul Korzeniowski 28 Aug 2014

Hadoop has watched its popularity grow exponentially, and the market projects an even greater explosion in the future -- but, there's a flip side to every coin. Read More

What to consider before deploying the Hadoop framework

By Nicole Laskowski 08 Apr 2013

Learn three ways to decide if deploying the Hadoop framework is the right move for your enterprise big data needs. Read More

Spark on AWS helps ignite big data workloads

By Kurt Marko 08 Jul 2016

Developers turn to Hadoop for big data workloads, and Spark is a particularly enticing Hadoop service on AWS. Spark teams up with Elastic MapReduce for fast processing and versatility. Read More

Tools and methods for testing big data applications

By Gerie Owen 29 Mar 2019

Data is more valuable than gold for businesses, so QA must ensure that they test big data applications and their output thoroughly and accurately. Read More

Four data management conferences on big data, governance and more

By Jacqueline Biscobing 30 May 2017

It's not too late to consider signing up for data management conferences in June. Here's a quick rundown of four events focused on Hadoop, Spark, data governance and other topics. Read More

Hadoop data lake floated as primary info repository

By Jack Vaughan 08 Aug 2014

Hadoop vendors are pushing an approach that puts the distributed processing framework at the center of data management architectures. But some issues could sink the idea. Read More