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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

DataWorks 18: Hortonworks styles itself 3.0 with a ‘DataPlane’ service

By Brian McKenna 18 Apr 2018

Hortonworks has used its DataWorks Summit in Berlin to announce a data governance “studio” plug in to its DataPlane service Read More

Hadoop BI effort gets more out of big data at Yellow Pages

By Ed Burns 28 Dec 2015

Hadoop data and traditional BI processes may seem worlds apart, but Yellow Pages Ltd. in Canada was able to successfully bridge the two and uncover new business insights in the process. Read More

Evaluating SQL-on-Hadoop tools? Start with the use case

By Jack Vaughan 09 Sep 2015

In a Q&A, Clarity Solution Group CTO Tripp Smith says to base SQL-on-Hadoop software decisions on actual workloads. Some Hadoop tools target batch jobs, while others are intended for interactive ones. Read More

Hadoop core components may not be central to big data future

By Craig Stedman 31 Mar 2016

At Strata + Hadoop World 2016, Hadoop co-creator Doug Cutting said the core of the distributed processing framework is likely to see its position at the center of big data systems diminish. Read More

Apeiron brings NVMe shared direct-attached storage in its ADS1000

By Antony Adshead 08 Feb 2017

Startup removes storage controller and its CPU from the data path to leverage NVMe’s blistering performance with direct-attached flash storage aimed at the likes of Hadoop and Splunk Read More

Hadoop: the Third Wave Breaks

By Barry Devlin 26 Jun 2014

Although the yellow elephant continues to trample all over the world of Information Management, it is becoming increasingly difficult to say where more traditional technologies end and Hadoop ... Read More

Swim fast with a Hadoop data lake architecture -- or sink

By Craig Stedman 31 Aug 2015

The Hadoop data lake concept presents plenty of challenges for organizations. But the experiences of early adopters point the way toward successful data lake architecture deployments. Read More

Hadoop 2 query: Less talk, more action with new Hadoop version?

By Craig Stedman 13 Mar 2014

For all the hype about Hadoop, adoption remains relatively low. But the Hadoop 2 release could give prospective users more reasons to move forward. Read More

Don't throw out design principles when jumping in Hadoop data lake

By Jack Vaughan 13 Aug 2015

In a Q&A, data warehousing expert Joe Caserta explains why a new generation of developers building Hadoop clusters and other big data systems may need an introduction to some fundamental rules of ETL. Read More

Hadoop Summit 2013: Where is Apache Hadoop heading?

By Emma Preslar 25 Jul 2013

In a podcast, SearchDataManagement News Editor Jack Vaughan shares his thoughts and observations on Hadoop developments from the Hadoop Summit. Read More