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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Concurrent: 2015 is "show me the money year" for Hadoop

By Adrian Bridgwater 16 Feb 2015

Concurrent: 2015 will be the "show me the money" year for Hadoop Read More

Concurrent app management tools work on Hadoop and Spark

By Jack Vaughan 09 Dec 2015

If Hadoop and Spark are to sneak into the enterprise, they will need to be manageable. With Driven, Concurrent Inc. takes a stab at the problem. Read More

MapReduce(d) in the eyes of many Hadoop systems users

By Craig Stedman 07 Dec 2015

New technologies are augmenting -- and in some cases replacing -- the core components of Hadoop. Welcome to the new, not-so-settled reality of the big data era. Read More

What you need to know about Cloudera vs. AWS for big data

By George Lawton 15 Aug 2019

Enterprises in need of a big data platform must run some analytics of their own to choose a vendor. AWS' integration between services can't be beat, but is Cloudera a better choice? Read More

What do firms really mean by Hadoop leverage?

By Adrian Bridgwater 09 Jun 2014

The firm's eponymously named Portfolio for Hadoop 2 product purports to help firm (and we quote), "leveraging diverse data stored in Hadoop". Read More

Hadoop jumps in Spark stream -- goes beyond batch processing

By Jack Vaughan 29 Feb 2016

Batch processing came, went and returned. Now it may be leaving again, MapR's Jack Norris tells the Talking Data podcasters. Read More

How to make Hadoop logfile analysis fun & interesting

By Adrian Bridgwater 02 Jun 2014

The heady world of server log analysis kicks up another gear this week with new products proffered forth from XpoLog Ltd, the company that says it "invented" Augmented Search for IT log analysis. Read More

Apache Hadoop applications: How to integrate Hadoop for mobile use

By Tom Nolle 11 Dec 2013

To meet the needs of mobile application development, existing Hadoop applications should be used. Read More

How a Hadoop distribution can help you manage big data

By David Loshin 18 Feb 2016

To help you determine if a commercial Hadoop distribution could benefit your organization, consultant David Loshin examines big data use cases and applications that Hadoop can support. Read More

SQL-on-Hadoop platforms open brave new analytics world

By Jack Vaughan 04 Feb 2016

Hadoop has been slowly plodding through the big data jungle, but SQL's integration may put a spring in the elephant's step. Read More