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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Core Hadoop components get more company as vendors diversify

07 Oct 2015

Tracking 'What is Hadoop?' is getting more complex as the potential components of Hadoop systems increase -- and core elements such as HDFS are augmented by possible alternatives. Read More

Apache Hadoop applications: How to integrate Hadoop for mobile use

By Tom Nolle 11 Dec 2013

To meet the needs of mobile application development, existing Hadoop applications should be used. Read More

Data warehousing projects benefit from cloud and Hadoop

By Sonia Groff 11 Jun 2015

SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss a new way to network a campus LAN and if ACI and NSX can work well together. Read More

CIO interview: Barry Libenson, global CIO, Experian

By Mark Samuels 14 Nov 2018

Experian’s global CIO has worked to change the company’s IT set-up from a “free for all”, taking a standardised approach to development, infrastructure and platforms Read More

Hadoop core components may not be central to big data future

By Craig Stedman 31 Mar 2016

At Strata + Hadoop World 2016, Hadoop co-creator Doug Cutting said the core of the distributed processing framework is likely to see its position at the center of big data systems diminish. Read More

SAP HANA big data strategy leans heavily on open source Hadoop tools

By Linda Rosencrance 24 Aug 2016

Apache Spark analytics framework underpins HANA Vora, the front-end query tool SAP users will need to link HANA technology to data in the Hadoop distributed file system. Read More

NoSQL, Hadoop data engines shifted into new gears in 2015

By Jack Vaughan 31 Dec 2015

To say that the core engines in big data platforms were in flux in 2015 may be an understatement. Users considering NoSQL and Hadoop deployments faced an array of new technologies. Read More

Hadoop BI effort gets more out of big data at Yellow Pages

By Ed Burns 28 Dec 2015

Hadoop data and traditional BI processes may seem worlds apart, but Yellow Pages Ltd. in Canada was able to successfully bridge the two and uncover new business insights in the process. Read More

New Hadoop analytics tools promise speed, scalability

By Ed Burns 17 Sep 2015

Two new products from Skytree and Arcadia Data want to bring BI and analytics to Hadoop, without sacrificing speed or enterprise scalability. Read More

Evaluating SQL-on-Hadoop tools? Start with the use case

By Jack Vaughan 09 Sep 2015

In a Q&A, Clarity Solution Group CTO Tripp Smith says to base SQL-on-Hadoop software decisions on actual workloads. Some Hadoop tools target batch jobs, while others are intended for interactive ones. Read More