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Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for ...Read More

Streaming analytics puts data in motion at Strata + Hadoop 2016

By Jack Vaughan 01 Apr 2016

Moving streams of data is a must in many modern applications. As a result, streaming analytics systems with Spark Streaming, Kafka and other components are coming to the big data forefront. Read More

Concurrent app management tools work on Hadoop and Spark

By Jack Vaughan 09 Dec 2015

If Hadoop and Spark are to sneak into the enterprise, they will need to be manageable. With Driven, Concurrent Inc. takes a stab at the problem. Read More

MapReduce(d) in the eyes of many Hadoop systems users

By Craig Stedman 07 Dec 2015

New technologies are augmenting -- and in some cases replacing -- the core components of Hadoop. Welcome to the new, not-so-settled reality of the big data era. Read More

DataWorks 18: Hortonworks styles itself 3.0 with a ‘DataPlane’ service

By Brian McKenna 18 Apr 2018

Hortonworks has used its DataWorks Summit in Berlin to announce a data governance “studio” plug in to its DataPlane service Read More

Hadoop jumps in Spark stream -- goes beyond batch processing

By Jack Vaughan 29 Feb 2016

Batch processing came, went and returned. Now it may be leaving again, MapR's Jack Norris tells the Talking Data podcasters. Read More

“Open Data Platform” industry association launched to promote Hadoop

By Brian McKenna 26 Feb 2015

A group of IT suppliers has launched an “open data platform” association to boost big data technology and promote Hadoop Read More

Yahoo chooses Splunk’s Hunk to do Hadoop analytics

By Brian McKenna 17 Feb 2015

Yahoo is using Splunk’s Hunk tool to do analytics on Hadoop and NoSQL data stores Read More

Concurrent: 2015 is "show me the money year" for Hadoop

By Adrian Bridgwater 16 Feb 2015

Concurrent: 2015 will be the "show me the money" year for Hadoop Read More

How a Hadoop distribution can help you manage big data

By David Loshin 18 Feb 2016

To help you determine if a commercial Hadoop distribution could benefit your organization, consultant David Loshin examines big data use cases and applications that Hadoop can support. Read More

For users, Hadoop SQL tools go hand in hand with big data framework

By Craig Stedman 21 Jul 2016

SQL-on-Hadoop query engines are becoming a common companion of Hadoop in big data systems as IT managers look to ease programming for analytics applications and data integration jobs. Read More