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EU law enforcement agencies prepare for major cyber attacks

By Warwick Ashford 18 Mar 2019

Law enforcement agencies across the European Union are preparing for major cross-border cyber attacks, says Europol Read More

Europol cyber crime report highlights emerging threats to enterprise security

19 Sep 2018

Research highlights increase in sophistication of ransomware attacks, while revealing details of new and emerging threats to enterprises Read More

Europol operation nabs another 20 cyber criminals

By Warwick Ashford 29 Mar 2018

Police have arrested 20 cyber criminals in connection with a €1m fraud operation across Italy and Romania Read More

Europol and Interpol reaffirm fight against cyber crime

By Warwick Ashford 02 Oct 2017

Europol-Interpol Cybercrime Conference sees No More Ransom anti-ransomware initiative highlighted as successful example of law enforcement agencies’ collaboration Read More

IoT ecosystem needs to be investigated, say experts

By Warwick Ashford 26 Oct 2018

A conference of IoT experts convened by Enisa and Europol has made key recommendations to ensure security vulnerabilities do not overshadow benefits Read More

Ransomware threat escalating, warns Europol

By Warwick Ashford 25 Jul 2017

Europol warns that the threat of ransomware continues to escalate as it marks the anniversary of a cross-industry anti-ransomware initiative Read More

Cooperation vital to securing internet of things, says Europol

By Warwick Ashford 20 Oct 2017

Europol and EU cyber security agency Enisa have hosted a two-day conference to find ways of addressing the cyber security risks posed by internet-connected devices Read More

ATM cyber attack a growing threat, warns Europol

By Warwick Ashford 27 Sep 2017

Cyber attacks on bank cash machines are a growing problem despite strong law enforcement cooperation, warns Europol Read More

Europol and Brazil agree co-operation on cyber crime

By Warwick Ashford 11 Apr 2017

Brazil, which has a significant and growing cyber crime problem both as the target of international attacks and the source of regional attacks, is set to work more closely with Europol to fight cross-border crime Read More

24 cyber criminals arrested in Europol operation

By Warwick Ashford 11 Nov 2016

Romanian police arrest 24 members of a card skimming and cloning operation and identify 47 other suspects Read More