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Drone tech and the roar of Malaysia’s flying dragons

By Avanti Kumar 09 Jul 2019

Malaysia is ramping up initiatives to speed up the global growth of local technology champions in the drone tech sector Read More

7 things to know about professional drone services

By Spencer Smith 19 Aug 2019

Members of CompTIA's Drone Council described favorable conditions for entering the commercial drone services space. Use this insight to plot your course. Read More

Autonomous drones come with challenges and great potential

By Sachin Kurlekar 05 Aug 2019

Drones have untapped potential in industrial IoT, but organizations must work through the challenges to successfully implement autonomous drones, Persistent Systems' Read More

The drone-powered solution: The sky's the limit

By Robert Schmid 13 Mar 2019

Unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, are becoming crucial elements in IoT environments, especially in industrial, agriculture and mining scenarios. Deloitte Digital's Robert Schmid discusses. Read More

Enterprise drone adoption takes off -- with a few hurdles

By George Lawton 04 Mar 2019

Enterprise drone applications are showcasing numerous benefits, but challenges stand in the way of widespread adoption -- namely, public safety and scalability. Read More

Vodafone spreads Christmas cheer with a 4G drone

By Alex Scroxton 18 Dec 2018

Vodafone has conducted a test flight of the UK’s first drone delivery controlled over its 4G network Read More

Mind your drone business

By Joe Austin 11 Jul 2018

Amazon is just the tip of the iceberg – companies are pouring hundreds of millions into the development of commercial drones Read More

Wind power: A $27 billion opportunity readymade for AI and autonomous drones

By George Christopher Yan 25 Apr 2019

Autonomous drones and AI not only help wind farm technicians speed up the inspection process, says Clobotics George Yan, they work in conjunction with humans to improve turbine performance and ... Read More

How do drones and augmented reality work together?

By Todd Richmond 03 Jan 2019

Adding drones and augmented reality together changes the way humans interact with drones, says IEEE member Todd Richmond, offering hands-free control over real-time drone operation. Read More

Drone accidentally announced in Argos catalogue

By Clare McDonald 02 Aug 2018

Technology companies are always coming up with increasingly elaborate ways to announce their new products. But when drone manufacturer decided to postpone the press event where it would announce ... Read More