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Facebook officially unveils cryptocurrency plans

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 20 Jun 2019

Facebook has released details about its Libra cryptocurrency, but questions still remain over how, and if, it will work Read More

Six arrested over €24m cryptocurrency theft

By Warwick Ashford 26 Jun 2019

Police have arrested six people in the UK and the Netherlands in connection with the theft of cryptocurrency worth €24m Read More

Facebook accused of ‘breathtaking arrogance’ over Libra cryptocurrency plan

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 17 Jul 2019

US senators grill Facebook’s David Marcus over social media giant’s plans to launch cryptocurrency Read More

What do the fintechs think of Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra?

By Karl Flinders 03 Jul 2019

Fintechs welcome Facebook Libra but realise the scale of the social media giant's challenge to make it work Read More

Lack of U.S. cryptocurrency regulation invites risk

By Daniel Allen 19 Aug 2019

Daniel Allen explains how a lack of U.S. cryptocurrency regulation increases exploitation vulnerabilities, and shares his ideas for implementing regulatory oversight. Read More

Blockchain.com banks on Google cloud to support growth of cryptocurrency management platform

By Caroline Donnelly 12 Jul 2019

Blockchain.com reveals details of how it is ramping up its use of the Google Cloud Platform as the range of cryptocurrencies it supports grows, along with the size of its user base Read More

Why Facebook’s Libra digital currency could run rings round the regulators

By Tim Worstall 04 Jul 2019

Facebook’s cryptocurrency isn’t really a cryptocurrency, nor is it really a money transfer network, but it’s been formulated in such a way that regulators might not be able to do anything to stop it Read More

Linux targeted by illicit cryptocurrency miners

By Warwick Ashford 02 Jul 2018

Cryptojacking is increasingly being used by cyber criminals to raise funds, Watchguard report reveals Read More

How is the Trezor cryptocurrency online wallet under attack?

By Nick Lewis 15 Nov 2018

A phishing campaign targeting Trezor wallets may have poisoned DNS or hijacked BGP to gain access. Learn how the attack worked and how to mitigate it with expert Nick Lewis. Read More

Norwegian cryptocurrency miners lament proposed loss of energy use-related tax relief

By Caroline Donnelly 04 Jan 2019

A wide-ranging push by the Norwegian government’s tax collection agency to clamp down on cryptocurrency miners has incurred the wrath of a company planning to build the world’s biggest datacentre Read More