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Linux targeted by illicit cryptocurrency miners

By Warwick Ashford 02 Jul 2018

Cryptojacking is increasingly being used by cyber criminals to raise funds, Watchguard report reveals Read More

How is the Trezor cryptocurrency online wallet under attack?

By Nick Lewis 15 Nov 2018

A phishing campaign targeting Trezor wallets may have poisoned DNS or hijacked BGP to gain access. Learn how the attack worked and how to mitigate it with expert Nick Lewis. Read More

Norwegian cryptocurrency miners lament proposed loss of energy use-related tax relief

By Caroline Donnelly 04 Jan 2019

A wide-ranging push by the Norwegian government’s tax collection agency to clamp down on cryptocurrency miners has incurred the wrath of a company planning to build the world’s biggest datacentre Read More

Cryptocurrency mining rampant in higher education

By Warwick Ashford 29 Mar 2018

Higher education institutions are the biggest target for illicit cryptocurrency mining, data shows Read More

North Koreans add Mac OS to cryptocurrency-stealing malware attacks

By Warwick Ashford 24 Aug 2018

A North Korean hacking group is targeting cryptocurrency exchanges using Trojanised cryptocurrency trading software designed for both Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS, say researchers Read More

UK cryptocurrency exchange enlists Rackspace for Microsoft Azure cloud move

By Caroline Donnelly 21 Aug 2018

London Block Exchange taps up Rackspace to assist with two-month Microsoft Azure migration as it sets about shoring up its platform against demand spikes Read More

Police shut down Bestmixer bitcoin laundering service

By Warwick Ashford 23 May 2019

The Bestmixer cryptocurrency laundering service has been shut down by Dutch anti-fraud police with support from Europol after a tip off by cyber security researchers at McAfee, significantly disrupting cyber ... Read More

Bank of England chief calls for cryptocurrency regulation

By Karl Flinders 02 Mar 2018

Bank of England governor calls on cryptocurrencies to be regulated to protect financial system and reduce illicit activities Read More

Cryptocurrency and colocation: Breaking down the Bitcoin mining barriers

By Caroline Donnelly 22 Feb 2018

In this guest post, Jack Bedell-Pearce, managing director of service provider 4D Data Centres, shares his thoughts on the role colocation can play in helping cryptocurrency miners boost their ... Read More

Businesses urged to patch against cryptocurrency-mining botnet

By Warwick Ashford 01 Feb 2018

Researchers have uncovered further evidence that cyber criminals are cashing in on the popularity of cryptocurrencies, with the discovery of a global cryptocurrency-mining botnet Read More