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Linux backup tips with BackupPC

By Brien Posey 16 Mar 2009

Backing up Linux machines can be challenging, especially for those who are used to working primarily with Windows. Here's are some tips on Linux backup with BackupPC. Read More

Open source backup tools Amanda, BackupPC and Bacula compared

By Rich Friedman 21 Jul 2009

We compare open source backup tools Amanda, BackupPC and Bacula and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Read More

Using open-source data backup software

By Rich Friedman 20 Jul 2009

Learn about popular open-source data backup software like Amanda, BackupPC and Bacula and the pros and cons of each. Read More

What open-source data deduplication software options are available?

19 Feb 2010

W. Curtis Preston explains two open-source data deduplication software options currently available -- BackupPC and Oracle's Solaris ZFS, in this ask the expert response. Read More

Open source backup software lags in the cloud and VM backup

By Manek Dubash 18 Nov 2011

The response of open source backup products to server virtualisation and the cloud is uneven. Zmanda offers full VMware and cloud compatibility, but others have yet to catch up. Read More

Open source backup software gives mainstream backup a run for its money

26 Oct 2010

Open source backup software offers most features found in mainstream backup products and is an option for any size of business that's happy to do some tweaking and maintenance. Read More

Data backup software: A guide to new data backup features

09 Jun 2010

Data backup software doesn't just do backup anymore. Now features include data deduplication, continuous data protection, data protection management and synthetic backups. Read More

Unilever rolls out automated back-up service for laptops

17 Jul 2006

Unilever has reached the halfway point in the global roll-out of an automated back-up service for 30,000 laptops in Europe and America. Read More

Ubuntu remote backup

By Andrew Kutz 11 Jun 2008

This expert's insights will help you make a decision whether to use Ubuntu remote backup. Read More

Ubuntu backup options and tools today

By Brien Posey 24 Mar 2014

Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses the options and tools available for Ubuntu backup today in this Expert Answer. Read More