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Openreach launches Scottish fibre training school

By Alex Scroxton 21 May 2018

Openreach has launched its Scottish engineering school in Livingston as it prepares to train 400 new broadband specialists to run its full-fibre roll-out Read More

Openreach starts countdown to the end of analogue phone services

By Alex Scroxton 15 May 2018

Openreach has started a consultation on the future of telephony services as its parent signals plans to switch off analogue PSTN phone services in seven years' time Read More

Openreach to open 12 fibre broadband engineering schools

By Alex Scroxton 15 Mar 2018

Openreach has opened the first of 12 planned training centres around the UK as it sets out to recruit more than 3,000 fibre broadband engineers Read More

Full fibre becomes broadband network of choice for Openreach

By Alex Scroxton 01 Feb 2018

Openreach CEO Clive Selley has pledged to extend the organisation’s full-fibre broadband network by 50% through a programme called Fibre First Read More

Openreach drops BT branding

By Alex Scroxton 12 Jul 2017

National network access business rebrands in preparation to be legally separated from BT Group Read More

Openreach to open ‘grey’ fibre to broadband providers

By Alex Scroxton 18 Oct 2017

Openreach is proposing to add a new feature to its optical spectrum access product to give broadband communication services providers more control over their networks Read More

Ofcom sets up Openreach Monitoring Unit

By Alex Scroxton 13 Jul 2017

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is setting up a dedicated unit to keep a watchful eye on Openreach Read More

Forging a new identity: IT underpins Openreach’s independence

By Alex Scroxton 08 Dec 2017

Openreach chief technology and information officer Mark Lam discusses how IT is helping to forge a new and distinct identity for the network infrastructure business as it leaves the wider BT Group Read More

Openreach and rivals want collaborative approach to broadband

By Alex Scroxton 12 Sep 2017

The government’s ambitions for FTTP broadband roll-out can only be met through collaboration, and an urgent shake-up of Ofcom regulatory policy is needed to reflect this, say Openreach and CityFibre Read More

Openreach has incentive to stifle broadband competition, says Ofcom

By Alex Scroxton 01 Dec 2017

Ofcom is proposing tighter regulation on the wholesale prices Openreach charges service providers, to avoid stifling competition Read More