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Openreach completes largest Tupe transfer in history

By Alex Scroxton 30 Sep 2018

More than 30,000 BT employees have transferred across to the quasi-independent Openreach, completing what is thought to be the largest one-off Tupe transfer in history Read More

Openreach extends full-fibre broadband roll-out to Coventry

By Alex Scroxton 02 Oct 2018

Openreach is forging ahead with its Fibre First full-fibre broadband programme and has started to roll out ultrafast services in Coventry Read More

Openreach doubles down on full-fibre broadband roll-out

By Alex Scroxton 27 Jul 2018

In its first annual review since splitting from BT, Openreach has recommitted to its targets for full-fibre broadband Read More

Openreach to cut wholesale broadband costs for CSP customers

By Alex Scroxton 24 Jul 2018

Openreach plans to introduce wide-ranging cuts to FTTC and FTTP wholesale prices to get other providers to upgrade their users to faster broadband Read More

Openreach starts full-fibre roll-out in Exeter

By Alex Scroxton 29 Jun 2018

Network builder Openreach adds Exeter to its Fibre First FTTP broadband roll-out Read More

Openreach extends Gfast broadband roll-out

By Alex Scroxton 25 Jun 2018

Openreach commits to rolling out Gfast broadband services to 59 new locations in the next phase of its ultrafast deployment plan Read More

Ofcom satisfied with progress on BT Openreach split

By Alex Scroxton 14 Jun 2018

Ofcom has published its first annual report on the legal separation of BT and Openreach, and said it is broadly satisfied with progress to date, despite hiccups relating to the BT pension scheme Read More

Openreach launches Scottish fibre training school

By Alex Scroxton 21 May 2018

Openreach has launched its Scottish engineering school in Livingston as it prepares to train 400 new broadband specialists to run its full-fibre roll-out Read More

Openreach starts countdown to the end of analogue phone services

By Alex Scroxton 15 May 2018

Openreach has started a consultation on the future of telephony services as its parent signals plans to switch off analogue PSTN phone services in seven years' time Read More

Openreach to open 12 fibre broadband engineering schools

By Alex Scroxton 15 Mar 2018

Openreach has opened the first of 12 planned training centres around the UK as it sets out to recruit more than 3,000 fibre broadband engineers Read More