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Microsoft teams up with India’s Jio in cloud push

By Aaron Tan 13 Aug 2019

Microsoft and Indian telecoms giant Jio will deliver cloud infrastructure services through two new datacentres being built in Gujarat and Maharashtra Read More

Deutsche Börse harnesses Microsoft cloud

By Karl Flinders 09 May 2019

German stock exchange signs deal with Microsoft that will not only benefit the exchange, but other organisations in the sector that are considering cloud migration Read More

Google vs Microsoft: Digging into the public cloud email market duopoly

By Caroline Donnelly 15 Aug 2019

The public cloud email sector is a veritable two-horse race, with Microsoft and Google being the ones to beat, but it is unlikely ever to become a “winner takes all” market, says Gartner Read More

Cloud uptake drives third-quarter sales for Microsoft

By Alex Scroxton 25 Apr 2019

Demand for Microsoft’s cloud offerings spiked again during the firm’s third quarter, reports Redmond Read More

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn commits to multi-year, all-in move to Azure public cloud

By Caroline Donnelly 25 Jul 2019

Professional social networking site reveals plans to move all its workloads to the Microsoft public cloud over the next few years Read More

Microsoft and Oracle join forces to offer inter-cloud connectivity

By Cliff Saran 06 Jun 2019

Pair will provide direct connections between their clouds, enabling workloads to use services across Oracle and Azure public clouds Read More

Microsoft cloud powers earnings boost

By Cliff Saran 31 Jan 2019

CEO Satya Nadella claims Azure compute services are the starting point for digitisation, as businesses add higher value services like AI Read More

Oracle, Microsoft forge cloud pact

By Chris Kanaracus 05 Jun 2019

Once bitter arch rivals, Oracle and Microsoft have formed an alliance around cloud interoperability, which is good for customers and both vendors. Read More

Microsoft licensing terms change will impact some cloud customers

By Chris Kanaracus 07 Aug 2019

Microsoft customers who want to deploy its software on dedicated cloud hosts, including Microsoft Azure, face new licensing terms as of Oct. 1. Read More

Microsoft Teams voice lacks 5 key cloud calling features

By Reda Chouffani 22 Jul 2019

While Microsoft Teams voice capabilities have improved, organizations are still lacking certain calling features, such as dial-by-extension and advanced call activity reports. Read More