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Lauri Love suicide risk if extradited to US over hacking allegations

28 Jun 2016

Westminster Magistrates’ Court hears evidence from medical experts that alleged hacker Lauri Love is at risk of suicide if extradited to the US Read More

Hope for Mckinnon, but has anything changed?

By Karl Flinders 26 May 2011

This is a bit off my beaten track as it has nothing to do with outsourcing, but as Computer Weekly has followed the case of Pentagon hacker Gary Mckinnon so closely I thought it worth writing about ... Read More

UK court rejects demands for Lauri Love to hand over encryption keys

10 May 2016

Court rules against an attempt by the National Crime Agency to force activist Lauri Love to disclose encryption keys by bypassing the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act Read More

Hacker McKinnon looks to Europe to avoid extradition

By Ian Grant 01 Aug 2008

Self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon ... Read More

Government wants McKinnon to serve sentence in UK

By Rebecca Thomson 03 Aug 2009

The government will push for Gary McKinnon to serve any prison sentence in Britain, Harriet Harman has said. Read More

Morally right to try hacker McKinnon in UK, says Nick Clegg

By Ian Grant 26 May 2010

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has repeated his view that self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon should be tried in the UK. Read More

Wikileaks show US snubbed Brown over hacker McKinnon extradition

By Ian Grant 30 Nov 2010

The US government rejected former prime minister Gordon Brown's request for self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon to serve a sentence in the UK, according to cables revealed by Wikileaks. Read More

Cameron-Obama talks on hacker extradition 'surreal', says McKinnon

By Ian Grant 21 Jul 2010

Self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon said it was "surreal" to find himself discussed by prime minister David Cameron and US president Barack Obama Read More

No barrier to trial in UK, Lauri Love extradition hearing told

By Bill Goodwin 26 Jul 2016

British hackers, including members of Anonymous, have been tried in the UK, despite causing serious damage to US computer systems, a court hears Read More

McKinnon case thrown out by High Court - with interactive timeline

By Mark Ballard 31 Jul 2009

The High Court has thrown out UFO hacker Gary Mckinnon's latest legal challenge to his extradition order by US Prosecutors. Read More