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GCHQ knew WannaCry hero risked arrests by travelling to the US

By Warwick Ashford 21 Aug 2017

UK intelligence officials were reportedly aware that security researcher Marcus Hutchins risked arrest by travelling to the US to attend a series of cyber security conferences Read More

Lauri Love would face ‘medieval’ conditions in US prison if extradited over hacking charges

29 Nov 2017

Engineering student Lauri Love should be tried in the UK, court hears, as new evidence is presented on the “medieval” conditions in US jails for people with medical problems Read More

Gary McKinnon gets new court date in extradition marathon

By Ian Grant 22 Feb 2010

Self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon will return to court in May to hear whether the home secretary was right to allow his extradition to the US to face charges of hacking US federal and military computers. Read More

Appeals court rules Lauri Love will not be extradited over US hacking charges

05 Feb 2018

The lord chief justice, Lord Burnett, says 33-year-old engineering student Lauri Love will not be extradited to the US to face hacking charges, in a landmark legal decision, and the Crown Prosecution Service should... Read More

US Attorney General Eric Holder dashes hope of UK trial for hacker Gary McKinnon

By Warwick Ashford 13 May 2011

US authorities are still insisting that self-confessed UK hacker, Gary McKinnon, face a US court, despite ongoing efforts to have the trial in the UK. Read More

Politicians rally behind hacker Gary McKinnon

By Warwick Ashford 03 Nov 2008

British politicians are coming out in support of self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon to prevent him serving a jail term in the US. Read More

Suicidal hacker Gary McKinnon's extradition must be stopped

By Mark Ballard 13 Nov 2009

An influential group of MPs has told the home secretary that he should stop the extradition of Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon on compassionate grounds. Read More

Alleged hacker Lauri Love’s ‘life will be destroyed’ under Trump regime

22 Nov 2016

Supporters fear for activist Lauri Love if his extradition to face hacking charges to the US goes ahead Read More

Hacker Gary McKinnon loses extradition appeal

By Ian Grant 28 Aug 2008

The man accused of "the biggest military hack of all time" today lost his appeal against extradition to the US to face his accusers. Read More