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Lawmakers decry continued IT security vulnerability

23 Apr 2007

Recent security breaches are prompting concern over whether current federal rules are strong enough. Read More

Do you know your staff?

20 Nov 2002

Your employees might be part-time hackers so don't take them at face value - check references properly. Read More

Concern grows over cybercrime

By Bill Goodwin 19 Dec 2002

Computer security took on a new importance in 2002 as governments and the private sector began to grapple with the lessons and... Read More

Pentagon hacker worked for City IT departments

20 Nov 2002

City IT firms that employ consultants should conduct thorough checks, experts warn. Bill Goodwin reports Read More

'Average hacker' skills shut down US defence systems

20 Nov 2002

The latest case of hacking demonstrates the need to have up-to-date patches on every PC in your business. Bill Goodwin reports Read More

Remote Access Trojans warrant attention

22 Jan 2003

Smell a RAT? Some security experts predict you will at some point during 2003. Remote access Trojans often leave backdoors wide open for attackers to prowl through your company's networks or systems. Read More

Victims must speak up to beat cybercrime

By Bill Goodwin 09 Feb 2004

The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, the first police unit in the UK to tackle organised computer crime, is under increased scrutiny... Read More

Security Bytes: This Trojan is wacko for Jacko

09 Jun 2005

Elsewhere, an accused superhacker fights extradition to the U.S., while security holes are plugged in Mac OS X and the Linux kernel. Also in this issue: Symantec sues over adware. Read More

Thought for the day:Sense and security

14 Nov 2002

Simon Moores believes breaches in IT security have far more to do with sloppy management of people, processes and policy than... Read More

Time for action on cyberlaw

04 Feb 2003

Since February Computer Weekly has been marshalling its Lock Down the Law campaign to protect businesses from the increasing... Read More