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Extradition review could see hacker McKinnon tried in UK

By Ian Grant 07 Sep 2010

The government is expected to announce an independent review of extradition agreements between the UK and the US and European nations. Read More

US embarrassed that UFO hacker could easily access military computers

By Ian Grant 17 Jun 2008

The US government wanted a speedy resolution of its case against a self-confessed British hacker because it was embarrassed by the ease with which he was able to access federal computer systems, the House of Lords ... Read More

UK government approves extradition of student for copyright breach

By Warwick Ashford 14 Mar 2012

Home secretary Theresa May has approved the extradition of a 23-year-old UK computer science student to the US to face trial for copyright breach Read More

Why is Dublin the on-line capital of Europe ?

By Philip Virgo 20 Oct 2012

My partners believe that government has no role in this process. I fear they are wrong. It has to get out of the way - actively removing both regulatory overheads that get in the way of trust and ... Read More

Charity boosts productivity with online collaboration tool

By Kathleen Hall 18 Aug 2010

Volunteers at the National Autistic Society have cut the time they spend on admin tasks with a web-based collaboration platform.

The system, supplied...

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Wikipedia founder campaigns against extradition of UK student

By Warwick Ashford 25 Jun 2012

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, has launched a campaign to stop the extradition to the US of Richard O’Dwyer, a 24-year-old UK student Read More

Hacker McKinnon's mum plans song protest for Obama

By Ian Grant 12 Mar 2009

Janis Sharp, mother of self-confessed hacker Gary... Read More

Internet crime? Global justice?

By Computer Weekly Staff 01 Aug 2008

This week we feature two stories that show how ICT intersects with national legal systems to produce very novel scenarios of crime and punishment.


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Terror watchdog says UFO hacker McKinnon should not be extradited

By Antony Savvas 23 Feb 2009

Terror law watchdog Lord Carlile has written to the home secretary to... Read More

Hacking dossier exposes US military embarrassment

By Mark Ballard 22 Jul 2009

The British courts have seen details of numerous embarrassing intrusions by hackers into some of the US military's most sensitive systems. Read More