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McKinnon: Blunkett repents over UK-US extradition treaty

By Ian Grant 30 Nov 2010

With the hindsight of the past seven years, former home secretary David Blunkett admitted to a parliamentary select committee he would examine "very carefully" the implications of the 2003 extradition treaty he ... Read More

NCA changed UK cyber crime fighting, says NCCU head

By Warwick Ashford 26 Nov 2013

The NCA has changed the UK law enforcement landscape, says Andy Archibald, head of the NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit Read More

Wikipedia founder calls for meeting with home secretary over student’s extradition

By Warwick Ashford 06 Jul 2012

Jimmy Wales has called for a meeting with the home secretary following his campaign to block the extradition of a UK student Read More

Expert institute to offer innovative solutions to cyber threats

By Bill Goodwin 03 Dec 2014

Security specialists will collaborate to find solutions to some of the most pressing cyber security problems facing the private and public sector Read More

Court throws out hacker McKinnon's appeal to Supreme Court

By Mark Ballard 09 Oct 2009

The High Court has thrown out Pentagon hacker's last chance of having his extradition stopped in the British courts on humanitarian grounds. Read More

UK hacker faces life term if extradited, court told

By Bill Goodwin 14 Feb 2007

Gary McKinnon, the former systems administrator accused of hacking into sensitive US military computer systems, faces the prospect of a life sentence in jail with no chance of repatriation if he is extradited to ... Read More

Persecuted sons club

By ComputerWeekly Staff 02 Dec 2010

let's hope the Americans repent of their bullying rhetoric and be seen to do justice to both McKinnon and Assange. Read More

Sting supports hacker McKinnon's fight for UK trial

By Ian Grant 02 Mar 2009

Police frontman Sting and wife Trudie Styler are among the latest celebrities to support self-confessed hacker... Read More

Pentagon hackers

By Kathleen Hall 26 Aug 2010

The private sector has known for decades about the threat posed by memory devices, both for unauthorised copying of confidential information as well as a carrier of malware. Read More

What's hot on ComputerWeekly - what did IT pros click on last week

By ComputerWeekly Staff 23 Jun 2008

What's hot on COmputerWeekly in the past week Read More