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McKinnon charges exaggerated by government

By Mark Ballard 14 Jun 2010

The British government may have exaggerated the charges against Gary McKinnon and distorted a High Court judgment, making it appear the hacker's extradition was irrefutable when it was not, according to evidence ... Read More

Hacker McKinnon gets 14-day reprieve from extradition

By Ian Grant 13 Aug 2008

The European Court Human Rights has stopped the British government from extraditing self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon to the US to face charges related to "the greatest military hack" in history. Read More

Lauri Love: the student accused of hacking the US

16 Sep 2016

How did a brilliant but fragile computer science student from a rural English town end up facing life imprisonment in the US? Computer Weekly speaks to Lauri Love Read More

Crime and security

By Stuart King 03 Apr 2007

I've been following the story of Gary McKinnon, the chap who is facing extradition to the States as a result of his hacking into a US government computer system on the hunt for UFO evidence. I'm ... Read More

Citizen Love: the story of an ordinary family's fight with the US government

By Bill Goodwin 27 Feb 2017

Finnish documentary makers Raimo Uunila and Lauri Danska tell the behind-the-scenes story of activist Lauri Love’s battle with the US government – and the impact of the case on his family Read More

Lauri Love may be faking mental illness claims lawyer for US

29 Jun 2016

Prosecution lawyer Peter Caldwell questions whether activist Lauri Love is exaggerating mental health problems to avoid extradition to face hacking charges in the US Read More

Lauri Love using illness as a shield against extradition, claims prosecution

29 Jun 2016

Prosecution lawyer questions whether activist Lauri Love is not fit enough to stand trial in the US over hacking charges,as expert witnesses warn that US prisons are ill-equipped for people with mental health ... Read More

British hacker faces extradition to US

By Lindsay Clark 10 May 2006

Gary McKinnon, who is alleged to have hacked US military systems, will appeal against a judge’s recommendation that he be extradited to the US to stand trial. Read More

Computer Weekly wins prestigious journalism award

By Computer Weekly Staff 07 Oct 2011

Computer Weekly has won a prestigious award for its journalism. Freelance contributor and Computer Weekly blogger Mark Ballard won the Best Cybercrime Feature of the Year prize at this year's BT Information ... Read More

Punish real cyber villains

16 May 2006

New readers of this publication will have much sympathy for hacker Gary McKinnon who was recommended for extradition to the US by a judge last week. But the wise will question the effect McKinnon’s potential ... Read More