Tiered storage strategies and best practices

Learn about available internal and external tiered storage models, data classification best practices for tiered storage, and some tiered backup and recovery strategies.

Tiered storage strategies that assign data based on value as well as access and retention needs, can cut enterprise data storage costs and address storage capacity issues. An effective tiered storage strategy has to balance storage costs, data lifecycle management practices, storage technology priorities and data access speeds.

SearchStorage.co.UK has compiled some recent information on tiered storage to aid UK storage managers in the storage tiering process. Start by looking at some of the internal and external tiered storage models today's storage vendors are offering. Then learn about data classification best practices for tiered storage and why storage tiering can be crucial for data backup. Finally, discover how new storage technologies, such as solid-state drives (SSDs) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), are making tiered storage processes more effective than ever.

Tiered storage: A look at internal and external tiered storage models
By assigning different categories of data to different types of storage media, tiered storage tools aim to reduce overall storage costs and address storage capacity needs. This tip takes an in-depth look at the internal tiered storage tools offered by 3PAR, EMC and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS). It also examines the external tiered storage offerings of EMC and HDS, as well as IBM's SAN Volume Controller (SVC).

Tiered data backup storage strategies
Migrating data to align its value with the cost of storing it makes perfect sense. That's why most data storage managers attempt to tier some or all of their data. However, when it comes to data backup and recovery plans, tiered storage can often become an afterthought. This tip discusses why all organisations should have tiered storage as part of their data backup storage strategies. Learn more about the tiered backup and recovery options that can help your organisation reduce risk and cut costs.

Data classification best practices for tiered storage
Classifying data for tiered storage may sound simple as a concept, but as a process, it's not. According to the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), the hardest part of implementing a tiered storage system is classifying the data. This tip examines some data classification best practices for effective tiered storage, including capacity planning and leveraging data archiving technology.

Tiered storage tutorial
Many recent technology improvements are now contributing to the success of tiered storage strategies, including new SSDs, improved SAS drives, and more efficient data migration and data classification tools. Leveraging these technologies as part of a tiered storage strategy can help storage managers lower asset and operational costs, and improve application performance. This tiered storage tutorial explores how SSDs can improve performance, how SAS drives can increase flexibility, the importance of data migration tools and more.

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