Storage encryption: A look at encryption key management and storage encryption products

Learn about the various storage encryption products available, encryption key management best practices and why using encryption technology for data backups is just as crucial as primary storage encryption.

The need to prevent data loss has made storage encryption a vital technology for storage professionals in the UK. A variety of regulations, such as the Data Protection Act 1998, require certain information to be safeguarded against loss. The UK government has even mandated the encryption of all removable media devices. has gathered some information to help data storage managers in the fight against data loss. Start by learning about the various storage encryption products that are available today. Then discover why good encryption key management practices are vital to encryption success and find best practices for encrypting backup data.

 What you need to know about storage encryption products
Securing sensitive information is becoming a higher priority in data storage environments as a result of the increasing regulations placed on corporate data. Therefore, encryption technology has made its way into many data storage environments. Learn about the various types of storage encryption products available today, including hardware- and software-based encryption, backup software encryption, storage-area network (SAN)/network-based devices and more.

 Encryption key management challenges
Storage encryption technology can be a vital part of a company's data access and protection plan. However, the increase in administration overhead that comes with encryption key management has been a major deterrent to organisations adopting storage encryption technology. Learn about the common challenges and administration overhead associated with encryption key management, as well as how to overcome them by managing who is assigned a key and ensuring keys are securely kept.

 Secure your data backups with encryption key management best practices
Done correctly, storage encryption can ensure that backups are secure and meet regulatory requirements. Learn about some of the best practices for securing your data backups with encryption key management, including upfront planning and ongoing administration, working with backup and security vendors to ensure a successful implementation, identifying applications that need to be encrypted and more.

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