Data management issues in UK organizations

Read our case studies and find out how your peers are coping with server virtualisation projects, email archiving, storage-area network (SAN) implementations and data migration. has compiled our most recent case studies on the data management issues of UK businesses to provide an in-depth look into their technology implementations, data migration efforts and legacy technology pain points.

We regularly conduct interviews with data storage managers at a variety of organizations throughout the UK. Want to learn how your peers addressed their email archiving issues with a technology implementation that essentially paid for itself? Or perhaps your company is looking at green storage projects and you're wondering how a massive array of idle disks (MAID) technology implementation has gone for others.

As a data storage management professional, you need to keep up with the latest data storage trends, and our case studies will tell you how these products are actually used and perform in the storage infrastructure. case studies

Ad agency uses 3PAR InServ to support server virtualisation project and reduce capacity purchases
Internet advertising agency TrafficBroker has implemented tiered shared storage from 3PAR that has allowed it to reduce capacity purchases by 25% and slash administrative time. After looking at a long list of potential suppliers, the TrafficBroker storage team arrived at a shortlist of two vendors -- 3PAR and Compellent -- with 3PAR winning the £250,000 server virtualisation project.

University eliminates mailbox quotas with Mimosa Systems' NearPoint email archiving
Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) implemented Mimosa Systems' NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server email archiving system to remove mailbox quotas for nearly 40,000 users, eliminate the spread of Microsoft Exchange .pst files to local drives and cut backup times. Prior to the email archiving project the university had a policy of preserving all email, which resulted in more than 1.5 terabytes of data being held on four Microsoft Exchange servers.

Architectural practice archives, tiers storage using F5 storage virtualisation
London-based architectural practice RHWL implemented two F5 Networks' ARX500 systems last year after the business began to run out of storage space. The storage virtualisation appliances allowed the firm to introduce file archiving and tiered storage to resolve crippling capacity issues, and saved RHWL £243,000 a year through reduced backup costs.

Financial firm uses Compellent SAN for server virtualisation project
Financial services organisation Credit Market Analysis (CMA) implemented a Compellent Storage Center storage-area network (SAN) to support a VMware server virtualisation project that saved the business £300,000 in its first six months through shared storage and simpler administration. The Compellent product narrowly pipped NetApp offerings, and EMC and Hewlett-Packard (HP) products were also rejected.

Geospatial data company virtualises data storage with IBM SAN Volume Controller
Geospatial data company Landmark Solutions has completed a three-month project to replace HP EVA arrays with IBM System Storage DS4700s to create new, dual data centres. At the same time, the company virtualised data storage using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and incorporated existing EMC equipment into a common storage pool.

ITV switches channel from Apple to Nexsan SATABeast Xi
Television company ITV has dumped the Apple Xsan storage-area network used in its Mac video production environment and replaced it with a 100 TB Nexsan Technologies SATABeast Xi array with MAID technology. The implementation, according to storage pros at ITV, has allowed the company to quadruple capacity and gain storage throughput increases of approximately 20% while staying within tight power and cooling concerns at its data centre.

Lagan Construction uses Mimosa Systems' NearPoint for email archiving
Lagan Construction implemented Mimosa Systems' NearPoint email archiving product after a chaotic email situation threatened to cost the Ireland-based business millions in lost contracts. Lagan deployed NearPoint -- which is estimated to pay for itself within a month in terms of staff time saved -- as part of a larger, £200,000 project of upgraded EMC storage-area network and server virtualisation.


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