Clustered NAS systems: Network-attached storage on steroids

Find out how clustered NAS systems compare with traditional NAS, the key clustered NAS vendors, how to choose the right product and how two IT shops implemented clustered NAS.

Traditionally, network-attached storage (NAS) was the preserve of the office or department where a discrete device gave file-level access to relatively small files and didn't need to push capacity or performance envelopes. But recent years have seen the rise of clustered NAS, which allows the linking together of multiple devices in a common file system that can range in capacity to petabytes. With the option to boost capacity or performance and an ease of management brought about by its single view of a huge file system, clustered NAS is suitable as a supremely scalable replacement for traditional NAS systems or as the ideal solution to serve massive single files.

In this Special Report, you'll find out about how clustered NAS marks a step change from traditional NAS, the key clustered NAS vendors, why NetApp's clustered NAS is different from everyone else's, how to choose the right clustered NAS product and how two IT organisations implemented clustered NAS from BlueArc and EMC Isilon, respectively.

Clustered NAS vs traditional NAS solutions

In this article storage manager and blogger Martin Glassborow looks at what makes clustered NAS stand out from traditional NAS solutions and surveys some of the key clustered NAS vendors.

Podcast: NetApp cluster functionality vs competitors' clustered file systems

In this podcast, Martin Glassborow outlines what defines clustered NAS and looks into how NetApp's application of the technology works and why the NetApp cluster implementation is different from the clustered file systems used by its competitors.

Clustered NAS: How to choose the right clustered NAS system

Clustered NAS products are not all created equal. Before you buy you need to know your requirements in terms of file system size limits, whether the file system spans all nodes and how the various vendors' technologies differ, or indeed if a clustered NAS system is right for you at all.

Clustered NAS from BlueArc supplants Isilon at film effects firm

A case study of how a UK film effects business implemented clustered NAS from BlueArc to store 200 TB of movie files with demanding random access performance requirements.

Clustered NAS picked to store petabytes of digital moon images

Read up on how an Arizona university research team deployed more than a petabyte of clustered NAS storage from EMC Isilon to deal with hundreds of gigabytes of images and data sent back to Earth daily from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

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