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    • How the UK Cyber Security Council plans to professionalise security
    • How digital operations drive ERP modernisation
    • Windows 11: A first look at the first preview
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  • Podcast:Boosting efficiency and saving costs with green IT

    After years of uncontrolled growth, many datacentres face a crisis as they run into space and power constraints. Even though remedies to the problems exist, current typical business practices concerning datacentres do not encourage the prioritisation of power reduction within one of the most power hungry areas of a business.

  • Podcast: Optimising data centre operations (Next-generation enterprise IT)

    Brian McKenna, Editor of Computer Weekly magazine, introduces the first article in a “Next-generation enterprise IT” series, sponsored by IBM. In the article “Optimising data centre operations”, Danny Bradbury looks at how data centre managers can optimise operations for maximum efficiency in the context of the downturn.

  • Round-up for 4 July 2008: Can IT help to reduce corporate carbon footprints?

    Can IT help to reduce corporate carbon footprints?

  • Podcast: Renewable energy cooling at BMW data centre reduces costs

    Bennie Vorster, vice president, IT solutions & technology standards at BMW Group talks about the company's Munich data centre, where using renewable energy resources has reduced cooling costs.

  • IT news round-up podcast: Public sector IT goes green - 25 February 2008

    Stories in this week's podcast round-up, presented by Warwick Ashford, include a report from executive editor Tony Collins that the UK government is planning a 'green' strategy for the public sector.

  • The commercial benefits of design-led sustainability

    Interest in environmentally responsible technology has never been higher; a lot of powerful marketing is being done by major IT suppliers’ brands to highlight their efforts in this area and much of what is being done is very laudable, but not particularly sustainable.

  • Flexible Working Podcast

    Boundaries within and between enterprises are steadily disappearing. Listen to this podcast to find out flexible working could work for your company.

  • Virtualisation Podcast

    Expectations for change are high, and ICT services need to be extremely quick off the mark to meet them. We need to be able to mix and match services, in real time, to serve up the right resources in all the right places, at the right time, in this dynamic and volatile business environment.

  • Corporate and Social Responsibility Podcast

    Investment in new technology continues apace. Yet despite these pressures to invest, it is possible to use IT efficiently, and to take an environmentally-balanced approach. Listen to this podcast to find out more about the importance of responsibility in today’s complex business environment.

  • CIO priorities: How IT helps Skanska tackle complexity, environmental and safety issues

    As in any successful business, Swedish construction company Skanska needs to balance quality with the need to maintain profitability. At the same time, Skanska is addressing environmental issues and becoming safety conscious.

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