The iPhone and other top smartphones for business


The iPhone's 10th anniversary: Where it all began

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 changed the way people think about mobile phones. It introduced the idea of a touch user interface, which looked far more appealing compared to BlackBerry’s brilliantly usable but less appealing Qwerty keypad.

By 2008, Computer Weekly began seeing Apple start to make in-roads into business, with links to Microsoft Exchange and support for Active Sync plus a software developers kit to encourage third party business apps.

But IT managers were less convinced of its suitability. They said that devices such as BlackBerrys and Palms would remain de facto platforms for business use despite the efforts by Apple to make its iPhone more business friendly.

At the time, many said they were concerned about being tied down to one mobile supplier. Mobile operator 02 had an exclusive deal with Apple in the UK, and its tariffs were regarded as expensive, according to the IT chiefs Computer Weekly spoke to.

The iPhone's lack of compatibility with non-Microsoft e-mail programs such as Lotus Notes was also seen as a further barrier.

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