Photos: London Nude Tech Calendar


Huddle group - The London Nude Tech 2010 calendar

Source:  Neil Raja

Huddle group - The London Nude Tech 2010 calendar

Huddle in the huddle. They brought you an awesome collaboration tool that some say is ‘the next Google’. They fly the start-up flag for the UK and gave you a supreme entrepreneur meet-up – DrinkTank. What will they do next? Find out at


Strictly limited edition, the Nude Tech Calendar 2010 features 24 tasteful photos of London’s leading new media entrepreneurs. Twelve men, twelve ladies, nearly naked. All for the Take Heart India charity.


Take Heart is a youth run charity focused on practical education projects in India.

Since 2004 Take Heart has built an English language and IT school that has provided real job opportunities to thousands of students. The school specialises in training blind students IT skills. It costs just £37 to provide a 6 month training course which secures these blind students with a job for life.

Take Heart empowers through practical education and training, and because there are no administration fees you can be sure your £10 will hit the spot. Indeed, it costs Take Heart just £37 to provide a six month computer training course which secures a job for life.
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Supposedly this is/was a thing. Frankly I'm not all that keen on meeting my coders and programmers in the buff. And I've certainly seen this same concept - the company that has nothing to hide - handled far better. (And racier, too.) OTOH I suspect this approach would help shorten some of those endless production meetings. But this is six year old news.... Is there any followup? what were the ramifications? Did it actually accomplish anything?