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    • Amazon Go – is now the right time?
    • Does email security need a human solution or a tech solution?
    • Why Microsoft’s $19bn acquisition of Nuance makes sense
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  • Digitising the BFI National Archive

    The BFI has the largest film archive in the world, with 200,000 films and nearly 900,000 TV shows in its collection. Of that, 75% is British. The institute is undergoing a major digitisation programme in under to preserve its wealth of social history and bring the archive’s treasures to millions.

  • 10 robust USB drive security tools for India Inc

    USB drives are ubiquitous in Indian businesses, but pose security threats as they are easily lost/stolen. Here are 10 tools to ensure robust USB security.

  • The future of computing at IBM Zurich research labs

    Chips powered by the sun and cooled by water are just some of the long-term research projects at IBM's Zurich labs


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