Sport Relief launches ‘mobile first’ campaign

Sport Relief has taken a ‘mobile first’ approach to its campaign this year by releasing an app to encourage as many people to take part as possible

Sport Relief has taken a "mobile first" approach to its campaign this year by releasing an app to encourage as many people to take part as possible.

The free app Make Every Mile Count tracks the user's distance and adds it to a cumulative total, to unite participants in the event and promote public engagement.

The aim is encourage participants to donate funds and to contribute to the national mile tally, the goal of which is to reach a combined number of one million miles travelled, via cycling, swimming or running, by the end of the campaign.

The app was developed by creative mobile technology agency Hi Mum! Said Dad, which created a native iOS and native Android version of the app, as opposed to an HMTL app, as well as a responsive website and backend.

Hi Mum! Said Dad believes mobile is an important platform that is key to delivering relevant information as quickly as possible, and can aid businesses in extending their audience reach through mobile platforms.

“The mobile applications are one of the main touch points to get involved and participate in the broader initiative.” Said Craig Wills, managing director for Hi Mum! Said Dad. “You can do that with the web as well, we didn’t want to ostracise anyone for not having an iOS or an Android device.”

The app also includes several gamification features, including social sharing, in-app messaging  and data aggregation.

“We’ve load-tested it to the Nth degree, because there will be a large event at the end and we imaging that there will be quite a surge of partake and a lot of people contributing to miles on the weekend.”

The Sport Relief campaign runs from today until 24 March. Previous Sport Relief campaigns have raised a total of over £195m since it started in 2002.

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