Cloud gets vote of confidence from UK buyers in 2012 IT priorities

The cloud is set to be a key investment area for UK buyers in 2012 with 30.5% of IT buyers pledging to spend on the technology, according to TechTarget’s 2012 IT Priorities Survey.

The cloud is set to be a key investment area for UK buyers in 2012 with 30.5% of IT buyers pledging to spend on the technology, according to TechTarget’s 2012 IT Priorities Survey.

Asides hardware and software investments, cloud computing is set to reap the financial benefits of 2012 budgets, with almost 85% of respondents stating it had a medium to high priority status within their business plans.

Asked how is your adoption of cloud computing affecting your IT budget in 2012, 28.2% said IT services spending is increasing in absolute pounds and as a percent of the whole budget and a further 12.9% said it was increasing but not as a percent of the budget. Others said the innovation was not affecting their it budget with 27.1% saying it remained flat and 15.3% anticipating budgetary declines.

Despite the economic strains that 2012 is predicted to experience, 56.6% of respondents said they were looking to specialists to deliver cloud-based technology to their firms, with managed service providers and specialist providers, such as those who offer software as a service (SaaS), set to reap the benefits the most. This is due to SaaS being the most desired cloud service for 58.5% of readers, as detailed below.

Which of these external cloud services do you plan to use in 2012?



Percent %

Storage as a Service


Disaster Recovery/business continuity


Platform as a Service


Software as a Service


Infrastructure as a Service


Database as a Service


Security as a Service


Testing and development




Hybrid cloud integration


Private cloud design and deployment


Data center as a Service


Technology VARs and telecoms firms were the next most likely providers (24.5% and 20.8% respectively), followed by pure-play cloud providers, equipment vendors, professional service organisations and system integrators in order of importance.

However, the cloud is still surrounded by concerns that are prohibiting it from becoming a full service offering for enterprises. Respondents ranked their top ten concerns as indicated (right):

Michael Neve, head of services delivery at the National House-Building Council, said: “It is my belief that Cloud technology will change the way we do things and have an impact as great as the introduction of the Internet itself.  However, it is still in the early stages of development and there are security concerns that still need to be addressed.” 

Despite these concerns, 76.9% said external cloud infrastructure projects had medium prioritisation for 2012 and 66.7% made cloud e-mail a high priority. Almost 87% gave cloud storage and cloud backup projects a medium or high priority status and all respondents ranked cloud security as a medium to high must for 2012. 

However, just 32%said they were definitely going to adopt networking and communications cloud services. Of those, 53.1% said their budgets had increased as a result.

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