Christmas open source guide

There are open source tools for every application, and networking is no exception. Find out more in our open source holiday reading guide!

Could there be any better way to celebrate your holiday than reading about open source? We think not! Everyone loves open source!

Christmas open source guide

  • Our massive open source VoIP guide was very well received.

  • Asterisk is usually the go-to open source VoIP PBX; but there are alternatives to Asterisk.

  • We found that we could test open source security tools with VMware, skipping the risk of doing it on a real machine.

  • We cobbled together a comparison of open source and proprietary PBXs, for those of you weighing up the decision.

  • The open source security tool Snort proved popular, so we told you how to get the most of out Snort.

  • Open source components are popular in Web applications, but they're pretty insecure, hence our guide to keeping an eye on open source components in Web apps.

  • When Google released its Code Search, we realised it had big ramifications for the open source community.

  • Our interview series on the future of Unix had quite a bit to say about open source.

  • Google's never far from the headlines, and the Google open source operating system for smartphones was no exception.

  • Voice managers need to be a bit careful with the open source tools they adopt, so we told them how to go about it.

Farewell, readers! Enjoy your break.

- The TechTarget ANZ team

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