Letter #3: Most tools are just Band-Aids, Phishing is still a threat

Tools don't solve the spam and spyware problem.

Our Editor in Chief Marilyn Cohodas posed some questions on the state of malware prevention in the industry to our readers in her weekly editorial. Below is one of the responses. Read the original editorial.

From J.A.

Spam and spyware may be at bay, but are by no means under control. I think that is a bit too optimistic. Yes, there are a vast assortment of tools or remedies available to battle these pests, but half are the equivalent of Dr. Philips's magic elixir. They may make you feel better buying the product and you may even get some benefit, but few antispam or antispyware solutions are truly effective. The problem is more then a mere annoyance, Phishing is very brutal bit of spam, as is incorporating blended threats in either spam or spyware.

Here is a statistic that may surprise you. Phishing or other identity theft and fraud has been often associated with off-shore criminal operations when the sorry truth is about 60% or more are hosted from providers in the U.S. When is the ISP community going to assume some responsibility for these threats and scams and stop supporting their illegal operations?

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