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CA eases Vista roll-outs with migration tools

CA has released tools designed to reduce the complexity and cost of migrating to Windows Vista. The first product to appear offers support for the Microsoft operating system across CA products. It will be followed by the Business Desktop Deployment Plus systems management tool to help deploy and manage Vista.

Identity theft alert over password repetition

A report from the International Telecommunications Union has highlighted the growing threat of identity theft from users adopting a single password to access different online systems. The report called on regulators and businesses to find better ways for users to identify themselves to websites.

Phishers to target VoIP users, businesses warned

MessageLabs has predicted that voice over IP systems will become a prime target for phishing attacks next year, with spoof phone calls being made to victims to extract credit card or identity details. The security firm also warned that hackers could infect machines with a key/password coding attack and threaten to wipe computer data unless users pay a ransom.

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