Technology news in brief

Short takes on this week's technology news

Short takes on this week's technology news

Microsoft acquires DesktopStandard

Microsoft has acquired DesktopStandard, a firm that makes software for delegating operating system policies on distributed Windows desktops. The software will help to strengthen Microsoft's Group Policy Management Console, a Windows Server 2003 tool that manages operating system settings on a network.

Borland tools allow early testing of code

Borland is moving into software quality control, issuing new tools to let developers test their code before it is written. Borland Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) allows developers to define specific quality requirements for an application in the design phase.

ClearCube seeks small business blade take-up

Blade server manufacturer ClearCube is hoping to lower the cost of blade computing for small and medium-sized enterprises by selling servers that cost £500 per user. ClearCube's A Series PC blades are based on a thin client model.

Intel and Symantecboost security offering

Intel and Symantec are working on a firmware-based security product to stop hackers from disabling virus shields, a common attack pattern for many viruses. The product is due out next year.

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