Technology news in brief

Short takes from this week's technology news.

Short takes from this week's technology news.

Intentia boosts software reliability on eServers

Enterprise software supplier Intentia is working with Vision Solutions to improve the reliability of its software on IBM eServer hardware. Vision has customised its OS Data Manager, a tool that automates the modelling, testing, purging and archiving activities for IBM iSeries application environments, with templates designed for Intentia's application suite.

Collation takeover will benefit IBM database

IBM's acquisition last month of Collation, a supplier of tools for mapping IT service dependencies, will boost its Change and Configuration Management Database, analyst firm Gartner has said. Collation's Confignia will allow IBM to offer software to discover and view dependencies between applications and servers across datacentre applications. The Java-based Confignia software shows how IT resources, such as servers and databases, are configured and the relationships between them, whether peer-to-peer or hierarchical.

Exploit targets critical Windows vulnerability

Exploit code is circulating on the internet that can take advantage of a critical Windows security vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft last month. Microsoft has issued a patch for the vulnerability, but the code could crash unpatched machines. The vulnerability is related to a bug in Microsoft Distributed Transaction Co-ordinator, a Windows component for transaction processing.

IT directors want better management software

Fifty five per cent of IT directors would like better software tools to automate the day-to-day aspects of their role, according to a study of 500 IT leaders by Dynamic Markets for LanDesk. The research found that IT managers' biggest challenges  were keeping their systems up-to-date (50%), keeping IT systems secure (49%) and implementing projects on time (40%).


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