Technology news in brief

Short takes from this week's technology news

Short takes from this week's technology news

Compuware launches Visual Studio tools

Compuware has introduced two development tools for the Visual Studio development environment. Devpartner Studio 8.0 and Devpartner Fault Simulator 1.5 are designed to help development teams find and fix defects early in the software development lifecycle.

Sun speeds things up wth tape drive release

Following its acquisition of StorageTek earlier this year, Sun Microsystems has introduced the T10000 enterprise tape drive. The T10000 delivers a 250% increase in density and 400% increase in throughput speeds over the earlier StorageTek T9940B drive. Sun said data throughput is now 120Mbytes per second, with a capacity of up to 500Gbytes uncompressed.

Sterling puts supply chain in order

Sterling Commerce has introduced a set of composite applications to support supply chain management. Built on a service oriented architecture, the Customer Order Management packaged composite application has been designed to help business capture and manage the fulfilment of customer orders across a multi-channel environment.

Service manages and hosts Microsoft apps

IntY, a provider of secure managed internet and e-mail services has launched a service to host and manage Microsoft applications. The Managed Application Server service uses a server which sits on the company's local area network and provides end-users with access to applications through a server-based computing model.

Unique identity set-up to improve security

Phoenix Technologies has released, an endpoint security application designed to prevent attackers from accessing protected systems even if they have valid IDs and passwords. TrustConnector 2 creates a unique identity for each device that cannot be altered or stolen.


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