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Pirated Vista already available on the web

Illegal copies of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Vista operating system and enterprise editions of Office 2007 have appeared on the internet. Microsoft said it was aware of the matter and would use its Software Protection Platform to block illegal copies.

Red Hat releases beta of Enterprise Linux 5

Red Hat has released a second beta of its latest version of Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Beta 2 has enhanced virtualisation, performance and security features. The full version of the operating system is due early next year.

Archiving and retention are top storage priorities

Data archiving and retention have been the top storage priorities in 2006, according to Forrester Research. Firms have increasingly been investing in specialised technology for data retention and retrieval, it said.

Vodafone acquires brace of businesses

Vodafone has acquired consultancy Aspective and business telecoms provider Isis Telecoms. It has also signed a strategic partnership with Fiberlink, which specialises in secure mobile working.

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