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Sun to offer virtualisation for running multiple OS

Sun is to offer Logical Domains virtualisation technology for Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers to allow multiple operating systems to be run simultaneously. In 2007, Sun also plans to introduce Solaris on Xen to enable concurrent Solaris 10, Linux and Windows operating systems to run as "guests" on a Solaris 10-based virtual machine. In addition, it will support VMware ESX 3.0.1 on the Fire X4600 server and Sun Blade modular systems.

Savings drive take up of dual GSM/Wi-Fi phones

Fifty eight per cent of firms are using or plan to adopt phones that connect over both GSM and Wi-Fi, according to a survey of 196 IT managers. Forrester Research found that 12% already have full deployments, 18% are rolling out the devices, and 28% are piloting or evaluating them. Cost savings were the main reason for adoption.

Microsoft to share virtualisation format

Microsoft is making its virtualisation technology available for free. The VHD (Virtual Hard Disc) format will be available to anyone implementing specified open standards. The move could aid interoperability between Microsoft products and other software, the company said.

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