Technology news in brief

Short takes on this week's technology news

Short takes on this week's technology news

Ultra violet chip process could bring big savings

UK researchers have made a breakthrough that could lead to cheaper processors by using ultra violet light instead of furnaces in the chip making process. The development could eventually bring big energy savings for chip makers and lower prices for users.

Oracle tempts SAP users with migration deal

Oracle has claimed that 585 companies chose Oracle Applications over SAP enterprise software in the past fiscal year. The users include BP, Fujitsu, LG Electronics India, and Virgin Mobile South Africa. Under Oracle's Off SAP programme, users receive a 100% licence credit for the SAP licences as they migrate to Oracle Applications.

Meetinghouse Data acquired by Cisco

Cisco is to acquire network access control firm Meetinghouse Data Communications. The purchase means Cisco users could use Meetinghouse's 802.1x security technology to control access to network resources from a single control point.

IBM to release Linux version of Lotus Notes

IBM is to release a Linux version of its Lotus Notes desktop collaboration software. Lotus Notes on Linux 7.0.1 is based on the open source Eclipse framework.

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