Technology news in brief

Short takes on this week's technology news

Short takes on this week's technology news

Intel releases latest multicore processors

Intel will release new multicore processors over the next three months, resulting in falling prices for systems based on single-core Pentium D chips. The Core 2 Duo chips are set to replace Intel’s single core products this year.

Compuware tool offers monitoring for .net apps

Compuware has developed a tool that offers full-time monitoring and root cause analysis for .net applications. The company said Vantage Analyser could be used by software developers to isolate performance bottlenecks within functions. It is designed to test hybrid .net and Java applications.

Dell introduces 3G broadband notebooks

Dell has launched notebook PCs with built-in Vodafone 3G and 3G broadband technology. The Latitude D620 and D820 offers users 3G data download speeds of up to 384kbps, while the 3G broadband system, based on High-Speed Downlink Packet Access technology, is four times faster.

Sophos firewall appliance offers enhanced security

Sophos has introduced Endpoint Security, an enterprise firewall appliance that offers anti-virus and anti-spam protection, an adware blocker, and support for Cisco’s Network Admission Control system.

Google synchronises with Firefox

Google has developed a tool that allows Firefox browser users to synchronise the settings of their browsers across multiple computers. The Google Browser Sync tool is designed maintain the same bookmarks, website visits logs, saved passwords and cookies in all Firefox installations chosen. In order to work users have to install copies of Google Browser Sync on every Firefox-enabled computer.

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